Good Chemistry

Good Science Meets Good Beer

Art Direction

A Chemical Reaction: Good Chemistry are all about articulating the science behind the brewing, breaking down the taste and educating beer-lovers. Devilishly detailed in their approach, they are always pumping out fresh flavours and are not afraid to try new things. This is a special brew for the discerning drinker.

Think Outside The Bottle: Ambitious brewers Bob and Kelly faced a simple challenge – a convoluted and overcrowded craft beer market. They needed a brand and name to launch their beer business, stand out, and would grab the Bristol brewing scene by the bottle neck.

Bonding Solution: What made Bob and Kelly special? Well, their love of brewing, their love of the way beer can unite a community, and of course their love between each other. Thus, Good Chemistry was born. The identity revolves around the scientific language of infographics and data, conveying – in absolute detail – the formula for a great tasting beer.