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Synopsis: Moments of Space do meditation with a difference. They believe the majority of modern ‘mindfulness’ apps are compromising and commoditising the act of meditation — focussing on productivity and profitability rather than personal fulfilment and the reduction of stress. So, in a world which is becoming more hectic by the day, they had a solution. A purer, more authentic and respectful form of meditation that is totally at home in the digital environment and fits perfectly into everyday life.

And fronted by Goop founder and CEO Gwyneth Paltrow, Moments of Space is the next generation in meditation.

Challenge: At the heart of this philosophy are ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings, passed down through the centuries by dedicated monks and other practitioners. Yet, by its very nature, the interconnected world of smartphones, smartwatches and the ecosystem of apps are both the realm of the younger early-adopter, and the antithesis of this calm, reflective world. We needed to create a brand that respectfully gave these age-old practices relevance to a modern audience but would also help create a digital experience that reflected the tone and values from which these teachings were found. Put simply, to modernise meditation and declutter the digital world.

The market for meditation apps has boomed, and yet we are less peaceful and more stressed than ever. Listening to meditation playlists designed for mass market use is no longer enough, and modern life does not lend itself well to the traditional meditative practices of sitting with your eyes closed, for set periods of time. Moments of Space wanted to share the ‘eyes open’ philosophy with the world, based on meditative moments while moving and walking, without the need to sit quietly with eyes closed, bringing peace and harmony to where you are right now.

Insight and idea: We focused our thinking on Moments of Space’s key differential – a meditation approach centred on individual lifestyles, powered by innovative tech, blending ancient philosophy and machine learning to create micro meditation moments. This blending of age-old teachings and machine learning gave us the main hook and brand idea:

The Ancient. Innovated.

We wanted to position the brand as a respectful yet innovative thought-leader with a global reach, with a mission backed by key shareholder and global community director Gwyneth Paltrow, a worldwide household name and leading wellness innovator.

Expression: The work was all-encompassing, comprising complex UI/UX design and delivery of both the app and website, as well as strategy, brand and 3D motion, underpinned by the resulting idea: ‘The Ancient. Innovated.’

The result was a refined identity with a less-is-more approach — making the user-journey as tranquil as the meditation itself. Gentle animations inspire serenity and convey the core principles of the brand, supporting imagery helps illustrate the apps relevance and value to people’s everyday lives.

And the messaging and tone of voice projects the brand’s calm leadership and unique point of view: That everyone can find calm. Even in the most chaotic of places and lifestyles.

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Project collaborators: Video production by Fearlessly Frank & Greg Williams