Taking Verification Beyond Identity

Tone of voice
Website development

Synopsis: As our online lives become more chaotic, promoting transparency and trust in digital spaces is critical. Customer and user identity verification is important – but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Trait’s verification platform not only verifies identity, but a variety of other attributes including expertise, qualifications, achievements and more, that gives a 360 view on real people online, beyond the numbers.

Challenge: Trait’s biggest challenge is an emotional one – to restore the trust of customers jaded by data leaks, scandals and the perception that tech companies are spying on them and manipulating their data to nefarious ends. No small ask.

Trait needed a new brand identity, flexible enough to work seamlessly with many different use cases, from social networks to government organisations.

Insight and idea: We needed to focus on the key elements of Trait’s mission to re-establishing customer trust by creating a new brand that would stand out from faceless tech peers, with a mix of boldness, trustworthiness and rationality.

Expression: The result is a new brand identity that is playful in spirit to counterbalance negative perceptions that persist around the use of personal data, and visually inclusive to evoke equality and borderless community.

The patterns used are central to the execution, as visual metaphors for the variation of unique traits and a celebration of individuality. The new communication tone is bright, optimistic and friendly, layering reassurance through each stage of the customer’s journey with Trait.

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