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Previously GGVC, who operated in both US and Asia under one company for 20+ years. Investing in some of the worlds hottest companies including Slack, Grab, and Airbnb.

With $5 billion in assets under management, 48 Unicorns and 29 IPO’s, they had a proven track record. In order to further differentiate themselves and maximise opportunities in the region the decision was made to establish Asia as its own separate entity – Granite Asia.


Granite Asia have a newly defined promise ‘Invested, for the Journey’ and this was a key aspect of the positioning that needed bringing to life. This embodied a sense of something new and exciting on the horizon but also the commitment and passion they offer to each of their clients.

Granite Asia needed a brand that possessed sophistication, class – a sense of gravitas which offered their audience (often CEO’s, Founders) a feeling of reassurance and confidence.


Using the name Granite and the idea of a ‘Journey’ as our starting point – the brand leads with imagery and videos depicting various visuals representative of what they do, how they do it and where they are from (Asia) projected onto raw untampered granite rocks.

The decision to use raw granite represented the idea of seeing the potential in the business they invest into – granite can be polished into highly beautiful slabs in the right hands but it takes optimism and expertise to get it there.

The projections represented a visionary glimpse into the future in an almost crystal ball like fashion. Projections by definition point towards something yet to come – further enhancing the journey concept. This was juxtaposed at a secondary level by polished granite textures for a more luxurious sense of refinement when required.

The logo as well as a G also embodies the notion of time, slabs of granite and an unfolding portfolio. Typography is slick, slightly chiseled serif font which again tied into the brand name, whilst still feeling trustworthy and professional.

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