Partnering brave brands

Strategy, Branding, Naming, Digital
  • Unforgettable Brand Experiences

Sidekick exists in a business niche: a full-service brand experience agency offering everything from staffing to real-life brand expressions. Forget your A-B testing and call to actions, Sidekick put brands on the ground, face to face with their customers. For the bold and bravest brands only.

  • The Unsung Hero

A unification of Sidekick’s staffing and creative services meant a new name and identity was required. It needed to convey their superhuman ability to do it all; create amazing brand experiences, manage the technicalities and propel customer engagement.

  • Time To Suit Up

Heroic brands, meet your new partner. Sidekick puts your brand in action; with exhilarating experiences and genius creativity, delivered by an expert workforce. Every touchpoint brings energy and a fearless attitude, ensuring whatever the communication, it’s done with impact.