Moments of Space

Meditation for the Everyday

Strategy, Branding, 3D Motion, Digital, Campaign
  • Thousands of years in the making

Modern meditation apps are almost as demanding as life itself, asking you to find time for them amongst your busy life. Moments of Space look to the past for inspiration, blending the best part of ancient Buddhist teaching and technology. Enriching, not dulling, the meditation experience, providing the perfect antidote for modern living.

  • Front of Mind

Moments of Space found that regular periods of meditation can help achieve a longer lasting effect and a better transformative state overall, we call these “moments”. What they needed was a brand that reflected the calming meditation experience they provide as well as the tech that powers it.

  • One With Everything

The result was a refined brand with a less-is-more approach. Gentle animations inspire serenity and convey the core principles of the app. Particular attention was paid to the user experience for a journey as tranquil as the brand itself. Supporting imagery helps position Moments of Space as an app for anytime and anywhere; a place where every user can find calm even in the most chaotic of places.