Helping Businesses Send Perfect Gifts

Website development

Synopsis: Huggg offers a smart-but-simple gifting platform for businesses who want to select, schedule and send gifts to different teams, locations, and countries. No more tedious admin, with the ability to upload email addresses and batch-send personalised gift notifications, while curated collections allow recipients to choose their own gift.The results speak for themselves: 95% of employees feel more appreciated, while 83% of prospects are more likely to do business after receiving a promotional gift through Huggg.

Challenge: Huggg approached us with a recent brand refresh that had left them disappointed, lacking the personality and fun the Huggg brand encompasses, no standout visuals to highlight its fresh approach to corporate gifting, and a general lack of insight into what they want to communicate.

Insight and idea: Huggg by name, hug by nature – but there was no sense of warmth in the brand identity or the website, which had a generic feel, far removed from the thoughtful nature of the platform and the Huggg philosophy.

We were inspired to create a brand and website which would draw in Huggg’s joyful approach to employee and business relationship building and give it a more distinctive voice within the space.

Expression: Through a new brand and website, we sought to inject a sense of delight that would deliver on the brand’s core purpose at every step. An exciting new palette of bright colours reflects the variety of gifts that Huggg offers and brings the fun back into the brand.

Photography was also curated to align with this new vision, a mixture of brightly-shot people and products to deepen the storytelling. The playful new look was underpinned by a robust modern web framework with a full range of Saas functionality, represented in the design with a defined bank of abstractions to describe how the platform works.

A thoughtful UX strategy complements the framework and design to create a site that is fun, informative and a pleasure to use.

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Project collaborators: Maya Moufarek – Fractional CMO