Bedstraw + Madder

Knickers Meet Nature

Art direction

Knickers, Meet Nature: The underwear industry is dirty, Bedstraw + Madder are cleaning it up. Their sustainably sourced cotton from Southern India provides fairer wages for their workers, a complete transparent production process and respects the relationship to the land and local community. Detoxing the underwear trade with cleaner cotton.

The Unmentionables: Bedstraw + Madder were underselling their underwear and never quite captured the true value of their products that go way beyond one’s hips. They needed a brand that brought them back down to earth, spoke to their amazing, sustainable products, as well as the inspiring work they do.

Plant Power: Zero chemicals, all nature. 100% natural dyes, 0% waste. We got Bedstraw + Madder back in touch with their roots with an elegant and earthy identity that championed the sustainability woven into every product. In addition, we helped develop a brand new website giving them a platform to flourish.