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  • Making money go further

The world of payments is a labyrinth. Complicated digital processes and bureaucracy stagnates transfers and limits the reach of funds; impacting the lives of people and operations of businesses, all over the world. The future of money transfers demands global reach coupled with seamless integration at local level, enter Thunes.

  • World's Apart

Thunes already had an unrivalled network and local relationships, but not the brand to convey it. Stuck in the past, their identity needed to communicate the gravitas of their network and the experts that power it.

  • Pay The World

Thunes’s experts operate at ground level. 
Always striving to take money farther and faster. The identity embodies this spirit, with a strong sense of expertise and sophistication, punctuated by a vibrant energy, for a brand 
that can speak to big business as well as an innovative attitude. Finally, Thunes feels ready to take on the world.

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“From the beginning Confederation showed a complete understanding of our business and the challenges 
our brand faced. Each stage took us deeper into their brand exploration, refining more and more until our fantastic end result. A truly collaborative approach to take us to the next level!”

Project collaborators:

Maya Moufarek – Fractional CMO