Bringing bladder care into the mainstream

Art Direction
Tone of Voice

Intro: 1 in 3 women will experience incontinence in their lifetime, and yet the associated shame prevents women from living life to the fullest, keeping their suffering to themselves.

Jude is a healthcare company on a mission  to banish bladder taboos and build a bladder care community, working with doctors and gynaecologists to create science-backed products to help women live a leak free life.

Recently featured on BBC’s Dragons Den, and highlighted in The Times, Daily Mail, Marie Claire and Vogue, Jude is fast becoming the UK’s leading brand in bladder support.

Challenge: Let’s face it – incontinence can be embarrassing, leaving many women too ashamed to mention it even to their GP. Treatment for incontinence and bladder issues is slow, taking months for an NHS diagnosis and treatment. That’s a long time to feel alone with your leaky bladder.

With such a sensitive subject, we wanted to create a brand and space that would help women feel comfortable about opening up and challenging the idea that incontinence is something they have to accept as a part of life.

Insight and idea: We envisioned a bright and joyful brand that would banish the embarrassment around incontinence and encourage women to speak up and seek support, not shrink their lives to the demands of their bladder.

We were inspired by women in the public eye achieving and thriving in all decades of life, from Helen Mirren to Gillian Anderson, breaking conventions and taboos as they go.

No more shame, no more hiding – it’s time to join a community of vibrant women ready to live life, leak free.

Expression: The resulting work is a bold and punchy identity infused with humour, and a confident yet relatable tone of voice, that doesn’t shy away from talking about the touchiest of subjects.

The imperfect logo nods towards normal bodies’ natural forms, while the dynamic colour palette and large headlines say there’s nothing to hide from anymore. The Jude illustrated character captures the wit and warmth of the brand, and brings a lightness and playfulness to the brand story. Choosing unfiltered, natural and community-focused photography creates a safe space for women getting older and opening up together.

With their powerful new brand, Jude is poised to liberate even more women from body taboos and incontinence shame.